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How to Play Bingo Online

Those playing traditional bingo will find that online versions have more or less the same concept, albeit in a slightly complicated setting. Being a tech savvy would be an advantage. But learning through the process of online bingo is actually so easy that a beginner may soon develop the knack for playing online bingo in no time.

Online bingo games from North America normally provide 5x5 game cards (with “free” marked at the middle of the card) and a 75-ball bingo. Theme patterns need to be completed to be able to win a prize.

Beginners are recommended to first try Cover-All, the easiest kind of bingo game found online. Here, all the player needs to do is to beat the other players by having all the numbers on his or her card marked first. A player normally needs just one card at a time for this game. The prize in Cover-All games is usually much higher compared to other types of bingo. But to win, all the numbers in card must be marked by the time the 41st number is drawn.

The next type of game is Regular bingo. This is bingo, as many people know it ---complete either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row before any player calls “Bingo!” then one wins the prize.

Other variations of bingo games, that typically need more than one game card for better winning chances, include:

  • Four Corners – where players need to mark only four numbers in the card’s four corners.
  • Diamond – where players need to mark numbers that form a diamond in the card.
  • Winner’s Circle – where players need to mark all the numbers in the rows of B and O, as well as the first and last digits in the I/N/G rows.
  • Cross – where players need to mark numbers that form a cross (row N and the numbers falling under the third row of B/I/G/O)

The other numbers that do not form part of any of these theme patterns above do not matter to the game.

Another variation of the game is Speed Bingo, one that is played like usual, except that numbers are called at a quicker pace.

Online bingo games from South America, Australia and Europe provide 9x3 game cards (with nine columns and three rows) and a 90-ball bingo.  The game is played in three variations:

  • One line – where players need to mark one horizontal line.
  • Two lines – where players need to mark two horizontal lines.
  • Full House – where players need to mark all the numbers of the card, similar to Cover-All.