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Keno - Introduction

Today, with the rise of the computer age and the emergence of the Internet, online gambling has now become increasingly widespread with the launch of various new games made easily available to players all over the world. If you’re into gambling, and are somewhat an enthusiast, then you have probably heard of the game named, Keno. Keno has slowly become a part of gambling events, and participants bet mostly through casinos and lottery offices. Because of its popularity, Keno has become an instant hit with gamblers from all over country, and has since been made accessible even in national lottery offices where results of the draw are even shown on television before it hit the world wide web by storm.

Keno is one of these online gambling games that enable players from any location to join casino-like gaming events by just going online. Yes, Keno is almost similar to playing a lottery game where betting is done using a series of numbers, but with Keno, the stakes are raised in a wager for these numbers if these are retrieved in an official number draw. Like most gambling games, Keno allows players to wager a set of numbers against the numbers drawn by a Keno official, using an online ticket to mark these numbers with.  The winnings depend on the count of numbers a player selects and which of these numbers were actually against the bet made.

Playing Keno online is unbelievably simple and enjoyable that you’d end up wondering where you were when your friends started to play it. So if reading about it got you interested, try it and play Keno online today!


How to Play Keno

In today’s world of modern technology, everything seems to be going online. The popular game we call by the name Keno is no exception. Just like its actual version, online Keno also provides as much thrill and excitement to gamers like you.

To get started, here are some of the things you need to know when it comes to playing online Keno. These will make you even keener on Keno.

Upon reaching an online Keno gaming site, you must then select numbers which will make up your card. Each player will be asked to choose a minimum of three numbers. Just the same, a maximum of 10 different numbers is also prescribed in most, if not all gaming sites. These numbers will be picked from the Keno Board which has been set up for you. All in all, you will be able to formulate a combination from the available numbers. Just like before, choices range from 1 to 80.

After that, you will be asked to place your bet. This particular step varies from every site. There will be diversity when it comes to minimum bets, maximum bets and of course… pay outs. Just choose the one which suits you the best. You must also make sure that the monetary transactions which come with every game are of appropriate natures. Make certain that you have recognized credit cards, Pay Pal accounts or other financial channels which are in sync with the online gaming partner.

With all these settled, it’s now time to get the game started. You will be asked to select how many rounds you would want to play. Just pick the one which rubs you the right way. All you’ve got to do is look for the appropriate buttons on your screen. After clicking, the game will then proceed. Numbers will be automatically selected by an engine. The hits and misses will be in accordance with the rules of your everyday Keno game. After each round, the monitor will display the results of the previous game. Number of hits will be displayed on the right side of the Keno Game Board, or wherever the online gaming partner deems fit. The equivalent payouts (should there be any) will also be displayed.

See? It’s as easy as one- two- three! For this reason, you might as well get hooked and start playing Keno online now! You will never be disappointed.  This is a fun gaming experience at a whole new dimension. We guarantee it.


Online Keno Rules

Keno is considered a very stirring, yet relaxing pastime, which offers many chances of obtaining larger cash winnings on small wagers. It is played in a similar manner to a combination of Lottery and Bingo where rules are pretty simple and straightforward.  And if you are familiar with these games, the rules of Keno are just as easy to follow.

Playing keno online does not need special skills, as this is a game of chance. There are no complicated strategies or tricks to learn in order to win the game. Playing online keno games happen in rapid succession, so it’s either you find no time to take a break; or you have many opportunities of winning.

This is basically the structure on online keno:

  • Online keno game can either be presented as an exact representation of a keno ticket; or it may just be a random display of 80 numbers.
  • A ticket will have two sets with forty numbers each. Set 1 is numbered 1-40; set 2 is numbered 41 to 80.
  • The blank box provided in the ticket is where you will put your wager and how many races you want to play.
  • A round of Keno game is termed as a Keno Race. You can choose to play as many races as you like.
  • Another box is provided for filling in how many spots you would like to play.
  • To play keno, you need to select at least fifteen numbers on your Keno ticket or card. You will need to mark the numbers of your choice. Marking the numbers on your computer screen usually means clicking your mouse on it.
  • Your selection of numbers is called a “spot” so it follows that if you choose fifteen numbers, you are playing for “fifteen spot games”.
  • Then, the online software system will receive these marks and will proceed to randomly draw 20 numbers. If your number of choice comes up from the randomly selected numbers, you win.
  • How much money you win depends on the type of race you are playing and how many spots you have marked from the randomly drawn numbers.
  • You need to verify your winning numbers with the site’s support group.

Several online keno sites offer many different ways of playing the game. You need to read their mandatory rule book first before proceeding, so that you will not forfeit any chance you make at winning the prize.


Keno History

At first glance, Keno would solicit various reactions as to what it stands for. Some would mistake if for a person’s name, some probably a country or a consumer item. Keno is actually synonymous towards lottery, something that most people consider as a pastime and a harmless form of gambling in any area. Keno can be grouped together with the wholesome forms of community recreational gambling like sweepstakes and the local lotto contests that towns would usually hold for their local folks.

Keno has a colorful history. It actually originated from the Chinese in the early years. Initially starting out through a representation of 120 Chinese characters, various modifications towards the game have ensued, making it a lot different today than it was back then. It was believed to be the main source of funding of the Chinese army in the early days as well as the Great Wall, a landmark that has become a tourist attraction for people visiting the shores of China Today. It eventually became popularly known as the Chinese Lottery although some legal issues ensued. The Americans soon gained interest in the game, but because of some barring issues with regards to language barriers and understanding, the game was initially limited towards the Chinese population. Being resourceful and seeing the promise that Chinese Lottery had, Keno was soon compromised and fabricated by changing the symbols to Arabic numbers that soon solicited more players who would appreciate and understand the game even better.

As anything else, Keno’s prominence has been evident today. Coming from a colorful transition and background from China, a friendly online game showing much promise is something hard to go by. The Americans did not think twice in enhancing and adding Keno to its roster of probable games to add to its roster of games for the benefit of the people of all ages. Although initially categorized as an illegal game by some sectors, its similarity towards lottery cannot be disregarded. It is really a game of numbers in a sense, combined with a stroke of luck and careful analysis. For some, the possibilities extend towards using superstitions in the use of numbers to bet on to acquire a certain prize set by the organizers of such.

Most casinos and online gaming sites set various limits with regards to possible jackpot prizes for playing Keno today. Unlike before, Keno prize winnings have become dependent on how the organizers would want the number of participants. In short, the higher the prizes, the more players they can expect to participate and better opportunities on the part of participants to win the prize money allocated.