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Bingo Glossary and Online Terms

Below are jargons and terminologies; vocabulary and definitions that one needs to know about Bingo. Learning some of these terms may get you up to speed and help you in your game.

75 Number Bingo – played using 75 numbers calls

90 Number Bingo – played using 90 number calls

Both these games have separate game cards and look differently from one another.

Other definitions:


  • Admission - a person’s eligibility to participate in the game.
  • Admission packet – the cards you need to buy upon admission. It typically contains at least six cards and a few special games.
  • After game – the game being played at the end of each session


  • Ball gate – the ball dispensing machine
  • Basket bingo – a kind of bingo game where basket prizes are given away.
  • Beano – a kind of game similar to Bingo where beans were originally used to mark the cards
  • Bingo Bango Bongo – a game played as point-based by two or more players
  • Bingo board – the display board of numbers being called
  • Bingo card – the card you play bingo with. It contains 24 numbers and a black or free space in the middle. The numbers you find are at random and are different for each and every card. Bingo cards also come in series numbers with 9,000 available cards.
  • Bingo marker – a pen or ink dauber you use to mark the numbers called in your bingo card.
  • Blackout – (also, Coverall) a kind of bingo pattern where all numbers must be marked to be able to win.
  • Bonanza bingo – coverall jackpot
  • Breakopen – Cards with more than one ply and are perforated and concealed with symbols or numbers which may be prizes.
  • Buy-in – when you convert cash for bingo cards.
  • Buzzword Bingo – a variation of the game using buzzwords instead of numbers. Here, players mark the words as they are called out. First player to mark five calls bingo.


  • Caller – the person who calls the numbers
  • Cash-in-Prize – a type of bingo game where the payout is cash.
  • Cash-Ball – a game with a progressive jackpot that rewards a number called. The number must be drawn before the session has begun.
  • Casino night – a special event where there are more than bingo games played.
  • Chat games – are games offered in the chat room to provide additional amusement and better chances of winning money.
  • Chat master (CM) – the moderator and in charge of the bingo chat rooms. He or she also facilitates the games inside these rooms.
  • Chat room – a useful screen on your computer monitor, where you can hold conversation with other players by typing on them
  • Coverall – (also, Blackout) a kind of bingo pattern where all numbers must be marked to be able to win.


  • Dauber – the tip of the marker which is made of foam. Dauber is used to mark bingo cards.


  • Early Bird Game – (also, Warm-up) a type of bingo game that happens earlier than the usual scheduled game; or the first game of the day
  • Eyes Down – traditionally said when players are asked to get ready. It officially indicates the game will begin in a few minutes.


  • Face – a bingo sheet with 24 numbers and a blank space in the middle (free space)
  • Flimsies – cards that are printed out on thin sheets. Normally printed on single sheets and contains three cards.
  • Four Corners – a kind of bingo pattern where you must mark the corner numbers in your card to be able to win.
  • Free space – the blank space in the middle of a bingo card. This is the wild square or the joker.


  • Hard card – bingo cards that are printed on heavy material, usually with shutters (for covers)
  • Hardway Bingo – when you’ve formed a straight line without using the free space.


  • Instant Bingo – tickets that are breakopen and has the letters B I N G O.


  • Lucky Jar (also cookie jar) – the container that holds the cash in a regular bingo game


  • Main stage bingo – this is the main event of every bingo session
  • Minimum buy-in – the smallest amount you should spend to have eligibility of prizes.
  • Moonlight Bingo – bingo sessions that begin around 10 PM
  • Mushroom – bingo displays that look like mushrooms, where plays sit around to play.


  • On – when a player lacks one more number for marking to win bingo
  • On the way – when you’re almost going for the blackout game.


  • Parti – shortcut for participation bingo. This is slot bingo and the prize is reduced to 50% than regular bingo
  • Pattern – the theme or shape a player needs to mark or cover to be able to win the game. There are several patterns in bingo; the most basic are vertical, diagonal and horizontal.
  • Pay-out – sales percentage paid by the house. In an online bingo, the pay-out is normally 70%
  • Postage stamp pattern – a type of bingo pattern where there are four numbers matching to form a postage stamp (2 x 2 in the grid)
  • Progressive jackpot – a jackpot prize that accumulates until it is won by a player


  • Quickie – a type of game where numbers that are called as fast as possible


  • Rainbow pack – a type of paper pack where players may play for at least four prizes.
  • Reno night – a special event where, other than bingo, blackjack and roulette are also played.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG)  - the electronic machine used for picking  numbers


  • Session – a bingo game with regular players that last at last at least three hours.
  • Shape – (also Pattern) it is another theme for the theme or pattern required for completion in the game.
  • Sign up bonus – many online sites offer this to users. Once you’ve signed up, you automatically get credits to your account, depending on what the site has offered.
  • Single Line Across – a pattern where players have marked numbers in one complete row in the card
  • Six-pack, Nine-pack – a pattern of six or nine numbers in one block of the card.
  • Speed bingo – a regular bingo variation where numbers are called at a fast pace.
  • Speedgame – a regular bingo variation to coverall or blackout.
  • Split pot - a game where the winner decides to split sales with the House.


  • T.E.D., G.T.I. - an electronic dauber system useful for playing multiple games. Only one TED GTI is allowed per player at all times.
  • Texas Blackout – a bingo game variation. If the first number called is even, then it follows all even numbers on the card are jokers (wild square), you need to cover all the even numbers and vice versa for odd numbers.
  • Tickets – the printed pages which is used for playing the main bingo game. Tickets come in booklets. In an online bingo, they are projected on screen.
  • Throwaway – see Flimsies
  • Two Lines Across – a pattern where players have marked numbers in two complete rows in the card


  • Ups – the bingo sheets used to make up one booklet.


  • Validation – your eligibility to win the jackpot prizes depending on the number of cards you have played


  • Wait – this is the one number a player will need to completely mark and win bingo
  • Wrap Up – the last round of game of the session


So, now that you are already familiar with some of these terms, you may begin to try what you have learned by playing online bingo. You can undoubtedly and play with confidence with the help of this.