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Strategies To Help You Win Online Bingos

Bingo may be a well-known online game today but its history can be traced as early as the fourteenth Century when it was played in European country carnivals and fairs to keep the visitors amused.  But it was more popularly known as Beano then because the players marked the cards they have with what else but beans!  And a player who successfully covers a row would then yell Beano instead of the Bingo we know today.

This game actually originated from Italy in the fourteenth century and then was discovered by the French elite in the seventeenth century.  German children were finally introduced to this educational game.  It was only in the early nineteenth century when Beano became was discovered by Americans who coined the word Bingo accidentally.

The reinvention of the game Beano to Bingo can be attributed to Edwin Lowe and Carl Leffler.  The two men introduced significant changes in the game, which became a popular game all over the world.   Almost all households worldwide are now familiar with the Bingo game and it is in fact being played in malls, communities and even in schools for fund raising and other purposes.

The traditional Bingo was played using cards with printed numbers and many people are still playing it that way today.  However, some have diversified the manner of playing Bingo and they have started using ink to mark the numbers printed on sheets of paper.  Some have become more modern and have started using machines that roll out the bingo numbers instead of making use of a person who will call out the bingo numbers.

The rage in most countries today is however the Online Bingo game where people can participate in the game even in the privacy of their homes or offices provided they have a computer and an Internet connection.  The Internet has paved the way for a better, more exciting and more efficient manner to play the game of Bingo!

Playing the traditional Bingo game can be fun and it allows players to meet other Bingo enthusiasts.  However, going to a certain place just to play Bingo can take sometime and can even create problems for Bingo players like traffic, safety and even the extra cost of going to and from the Bingo halls.

Online Bingo has erased all the hassle that comes with playing the traditional Bingo game.  Online Bingo is the same as playing the traditional Bingo although this time a player can start playing Online Bingo by purchasing Bingo cards online.  The cards are automatically sorted out and the most ideal card is placed in a more visible position.  And just like the traditional Bingo Game, the winner will be the player who covers all the numbers in the patterns.

Other people argue that the traditional Bingo game is better than the Online Bingo because it gives people a chance to talk.   The good news is that Online Bingo also allows players to chat online.  Players use the chat feature of Online Bingos to commend each other after a game of Bingo but using online lingo like WTG or way to go!

There are various Online Bingo sites available in the web and Bingo enthusiasts only have to surf the net to find the best Online Bingo game site.  Beginners should choose a site that offers free Bingo Games so they can get familiarized with the rules of Online Bingo.  This way, the player does not waste money paying and playing Online Bingo without any knowledge about online rules and procedures.


There are many sites that offer free Online Bingo provided the player registers with them.  A new registrant is given free bingo currency so he can buy his first bingo cards and try playing the Online Bingo game.  Some sites give the new registrants a chance to get more free bingo currency until such time that they have already mastered the rules and the procedures in playing Online Bingo.

A player who is ready to play using his own money can choose form any of the choices provided by the Online Bingo sites for depositing funds.  The deposited funds will be used to purchase your Online Bingo cards. Check out the website because some sites offer promotions and other bonuses for every deposit made.

Online Bingo is fun and exciting because it gives you a chance to play with Bingo enthusiasts from all over the world.  Because of the international nature of Online Bingo, there is a need to observe a set of rules or etiquette to keep the atmosphere fun and less competitive.  Being polite is always the rule in any Online Bingo site.  You ay be playing online but you should be courteous and nice to fellow players.

Chatting with the other Online Bingo players should also be made in a decent manner.  The sites have a way of monitoring rude visitors and indecent Bingo players so watch out.

Bingo is a game of chance and the operators of Online Bingo sites have made sure that the games would be difficult to win.  However, there are strategies that any Online Bingo player can use to his advantage.  It is thus wise to have a game plan so as not to waste your money buying bingo cards and not winning any game at all.


There are numbers that are rarely called in Online Bingo so make sure you know what these numbers are and avoid getting bingo cards with those number son them.   A close observation of Bingo games show that some numbers are so lucky they can be called at least more than twice in a single Bingo game.  It would be wise to join Bingo games where you will be allowed to choose your own cards.

When allowed to choose your Bingo cards, always have a bias for the letter B as well as for the numbers one to ten.  Do not get so many cards that you cannot manage them anymore.  And the best strategy is to always think of Bingo as a game of chance.  Buy your cards, relax and play the game.  Win or lose, it is still a way to loosen those stiff collars!