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Bingo Modern Variations

Two notable modern variations of bingo have achieved some kind of status in American culture:

Buzzword Bingo

is a game sometimes played in relaxed team meetings. The rules resemble those of bingo , but instead of a matrix of numbers, each player's card is a matrix of buzzwords . When a player hears one of his buzzwords spoken in the meeting, he crosses it off his card. The winner is the player who crosses a full line first.

The first documented buzzword bingo occurred when the then Vice President of the United States Al Gore , known for his liberal use of buzzwords hyping technology, spoke at MIT 's 1996 graduation. The graduation class had distributed bingo cards containing buzzwords to the audience.

Bovine Bingo

is a game of chance that has gained some degree of popularity in American culture, usually for fundraising purposes for some charitable effort.

Bovine bingo is not really a form of bingo , but a form of lottery . The game is set up by marking out a grid of rectangles on an enclosed land area, such as a paddock or farm field. This is usually done by chalking lines. The grid cells are then numbered or otherwise identified in some way, and chances are sold on each cell. A cow (or other livestock animal) is then let loose within the enclosure. Where the first "cowflop" (defecation) lands determines the winner.