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Rules Of Bingo Game


Bingo is a game that is usually played in secure places such as social halls and clubs, using printed cards with various number combinations that are assigned to each letter of the word BINGO. Each letter consists of 15 numbers, except for the N, the middle of which is assigned a free space. Hence, technically, one card is made up of 24 numbers. The usual participants for regular BINGO sessions are the latter adults while some people organize special BINGO events for special occasions for charity and school events. Thanks to the Internet, people have devised a way to provide Online Bingo games so that people can play the game from anywhere. Each BINGO card has a purchase cost, but this really depends on the actual organizers of the whole event. For online BINGO players, they are given a random card with numbers to use for the duration of the game. They usually transact through credits coming from credit card purchase and participation.

Starting Out: Acquiring the BINGO Cards

The number combinations, 5 of each except for the N portion, which has four, will be handed out. There are approximately 6,000 possible combination cards available which a participant will be assigned. Online BINGO can provide a number of combinations, even reaching as much as 9,000 cards handed out. The transactions are usually done through various payment systems such as credit cards, Paypal, or other online methods available to be able to join the game. The game is similar to that of other online gambling games, and joining the game is not much different as far as payment requirements are concerned. A player is allowed to play more than one card, largely depending on his budget and desire to raise his stakes and chances of winning.

The Game Proper

Ideally, the series of games will be announced prior to the formal opening of the game. Some of the more common games that can played are the usual BINGO patterns such as:

  • Straight Line (Diagonal, Horizontal, or Vertical)
  • Letter T
  • Letter Y
  • Letter X
  • Clover Leaf
  • Small Dipper
  • Outside Picture Frame, and
  • Cover All (Black Out of Full House)

Once the game has been properly laid out, the barker will start the game and call out the letters and the numbers one by one for the first game set. This will continue until any player has been able to complete the BINGO pattern after which he or she will shout “BINGO” to end the game. The length of the game depends on the number of BINGO cards purchased, and of course the number of participants that narrows the gap of cards that are available or purchased by the participants.

BINGO Jackpot and Consolation Prizes

The prizes allocated for winnings by the participants will depend on the organizers and the purpose of the event. Usually, they give out corresponding cash equivalents to the winners, but in such events where they are for worthy causes, in kind donations in the form of gift checks, appliances, or other items that are usually submitted by sponsors are given to the winners that depend on the level of difficulty of the game. The jackpot prizes are usually reserved for the hardest game usually identified with the Full House or Cover All game. This is usually the last game to be played for the event.

For the normal BINGO games, where people religiously follow the game, jackpot games such as the Coverall, are given a minimum number of numbers to cover. This adds spice and excitement to the game. The people are informed that cards should be covered with a minimum number of numbers called, like something like 50 numbers or less to qualify for the jackpot prize. In cases where the jackpot is not claimed, consolation prizes are given to the winner after a certain number of number call outs. This cycle goes on and on until the jackpot is won by returning BINGO players.


BINGO is not a hard game to understand. With the advent of online Bingo, the game is all the more easier to access and open to people who want to know how to play the game. The rule is simply to follow the patterns and make sure that the numbers falling for the said pattern are authentically called out by the BINGO barker. There will be instances where people may have overlooked the number called, since it cannot be discounted that people with hearing or seeing deficiency will be among the participants. In such an occurrence, the game will continue if after verification that the player was not able to complete the game properly and in accordance with the numbers that have been actually called. The game may seem boring to people now adept with playing a game of chance, but once understood, the game is more exciting than it seems.

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